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Mobile Vendors to Park It in McGraw Square

The downtown plaza will host up to two at a time.

By Christopher Werner November 1, 2011

Look for food trucks in McGraw Square soon. Photo courtesy

As intimated earlier, Skillet is eying a parking spot in downtown Seattle. Specifically, McGraw Square, wedged between Westlake, Olive Way, and Stewart Street.

Skillet is one of several vendors the city and Downtown Seattle Association hope will populate the newly overhauled plaza, rejiggered last year with the idea of accommodating curb cooks (and more foot and two-wheeled traffic).

Right now only Skillet has applied to park there on Tuesdays for lunch, “but we will be reaching out to other vendors to try to maximize opportunities there,” says Gary Johnson of the Department of Planning and Development. The square can contain up to two vendors at a time; Johnson envisions utilizing the space both day and night.

A few details need to get ironed out—bathroom access and vendor plug-ins, for instance—but Johnson guesstimates grills will be going in the next few weeks.

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