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Early Details on Mobile Food Rodeo 2012

Make that Rodeos.

By Christopher Werner November 21, 2011

Street food enthusiasts gather at Mobile Food Rodeo in September. Photo courtesy Mobile Food Rodeo.

Cochon 555 is a no-go in 2012, but hey, at least Mobile Food Rodeo is returning—twice.

Organizer/founder Ryan Reiter says two Rodeos are in the works. Locations are yet to be finalized but the dates are set for April 28 and September 15. Reiter is corralling 35 trucks from Seattle, Portland, and Idaho, up from the 25 that participated in September 2011’s inaugural event, and more are likely to sign on for the later one. Also new for 2012 is a booze garden featuring local distilleries, wines, and Northwest microbrews.

Anyone who attended in September knows the occasion wasn’t without snafus. Long lines—for food and entry to the event—dominated, with some trucks not stocking enough grub to feed the 7,000 attendees. To that Reiter assures, "We learned a lot and we listen to our audience and [are] determined to bring this tasty event back."

Reiter says he also is organizing multiple Mobile "Mini" Lunch Corrals featuring 10 trucks. The noon hour nosh fests will take place throughout the year throughout the city; possible neighborhoods include Pioneer Square, Bellevue, Fremont, and Columbia City. Stay tuned for more details.

Full disclosure: Seattle Met sponsored Mobile Food Rodeo 2011.

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