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A New Name for Dahlia Workshop

The SLU counter is now known as Serious Biscuit.

By Christopher Werner November 7, 2011

Serious Biscuit is serious about its biscuits.

The corner of Westlake and Harrison is something of a mecca for biscuit lovers, so it’s fitting the craggy pastry get marquee action.

Dahlia Workshop, one of two Tom Douglas operations anchoring that corner and the bakery bringing the crowds, just got a new name: Serious Biscuit. Marketing rep Katie Okumura says the moniker is a play on the “huge popularity” of the counter’s staple item. It also jibes nicely with the address’s upstairs resident, Serious Pie —where weekend brunch now will be served.

The production leg of the bakery will maintain the former handle, adds Okumura. The retail side of things are taking the new one.

You may recall this isn’t the first Douglas joint to recently undergo a rebrand.

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