Volunteer Park Cafe to Host Savage Street Cuisine Popup

Rover’s chefs Kalen Schramke and David Howe will cook up street food from various cultures.

By Christopher Werner October 10, 2011

Volunteer Park Cafe.

As Kathryn Robinson hinted last week, Volunteer Park Cafe is indeed planning to put on a new popup, named Savage Street Cuisine, confirms a rep for the restaurant. At the helm is Kalen Schramke and David Howe of Rover’s in Madison Park.

The first dinner is slated for Monday, October 24, with others planned for November 14, December 12, and January 30. Menus will rotate for each one and take inspiration from various international cuisines. The bill at the kickoff dinner is based on the food of Southeast Asia.

As Robinson reported, Schramke and Howe are using the popup to “test drive their repertoire for a food truck they’re cooking up.”

This is the second time VPC’s Ericka Burke has turned over her kitchen to guest toques. In late June then Cuoco chef Erik Jackson initiated A Square Meal. The bimonthly dinners quickly fizzled after their debut, however, then flatlined when Jackson took a gig at the new Coterie Room in Belltown.

Reservations cost $35 (booze is extra) and can be made on the Volunteer Park Cafe website.

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