Rotisserie chickens at Rub with Love Shack.

Tom Douglas’s Rub with Love Shack opted to sideline operations last winter, but this year the rotisserie counter will keep at it year-round, thanks in part to a new series of popup dinners.

The theme will rotate with each monthly feast, and the first one takes place this coming Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30. The focus: American Roots BBQ. Reservations aren’t necessary; rather the idea is to just “walk up and get your plate of food,” says TD marketing manager Katie Okumura. Making up the menu is an $8 barbecue plate served with cornbread, braised greens, and boiled peanuts. You get to choose from several sauces, and you can also order a la carte.

The popups will each highlight a different flavor from Douglas’s line of rubs. Future dates and themes include Chinatown on November 30; South Africa on December 28; on January 25, Tokyo in the Market; and for the February 29 dinner, East India.

The offerings will also grace the happy hour menu at neighboring Seatown for a month following the popup. As for the day-to-day offerings at Rub with Love, it will continue to carry several rotisserie meats (half and whole chickens, porchetta-style pork loin, roasted turkey) and made-to-order lunch sandwiches.

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