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Take the Mundane Out of Monday

Say what you will about our rough economy…it makes for some sweet Monday night restaurant specials. Check these out:

By Kathryn Robinson October 3, 2011

Sitka and Spruce.

Meatless Mondays at Oddfellows Café + Bar. This is owner Linda Derschang’s bid to save the planet by serving meat-free specials Monday nights. Specials like linguine with sautéed arugula, roasted tomatoes, and pine nuts in beurre blanc. (Pssst: Another Derschang bar, Smith, starts Meatless Mondays later this month.) Carnivores, don’t hyperventilate: Neither joint will abandon meat entirely Mondays.

Taco Mondays at Sitka & Spruce. From 5:30 to 9:30 every Monday, chef and owner Matt Dillon honors the cuisine of employee Alvaro Candela-Najera with traditional Mexican fare, including tacos with yellowfoot mushrooms, tacos with chorizo and flank steak, and tacos with milk-soaked beef belly. All to enjoy with tequila, cerveza, or aguas frescas.

Little Uncle at La Bete. This one’s a popup restaurant on La Bete’s night off; the same Thai joint that once popped up (under the name Shophouse) at the late, great Licorous. Don’t reserve, just drop in for a rotating menu of authentic Thai dishes: tonight to include mini curried catfish cakes and pungent shrimp curry with corn, kubocha squash, and chard. Here’s the Little Uncle website.

Moules Monday at Bastille. Back by popular demand, Ballard’s Frenchiest bistro offers Taylor Shellfish Mediterranean mussels every Monday from 5:30pm to 10, for just 14 clams. Ha. (Muscadet goes nicely with mussels, and is on offer Mondays for $6 a glass.)

Wagyu Steak Night at Fresh Bistro. Choose among three different cuts of America’s own Kobe-style beef, choose your side dishes, and enjoy it all (with half-priced wine!) for $15-$18 at West Seattle’s biggest crowd-pleaser.

Happy Mondays at Art of the Table. OK, so we’re not entirely sure what they call their Monday night small plate/happy hour fests, but if you’ve been you know they’re happy. (Chef and owner Dustin Ronspies was one of the first Monday promo practitioners in town.) Look for small sexy plates and wine/beer specials, from 5pm to 10ish.

Savage Street Cuisine at Volunteer Park Café. This one’s still unofficial…but word on the street says a couple of bright lights from Rover’s will colonize Volunteer Park Café’s kitchen for one Monday a month, October through January, to test drive their repertoire for a food truck they’re cooking up. Watch this space for details.

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