Gratuitously cute baby!


Big news here on Nosh Pit. Eater Seattle editor Allecia Vermillion will be leaving that site and taking over my role as co-editor of the blog. She’ll also be responsible for food, drink, and design coverage in Seattle Met.

Her title: Food and Drink Editor.

In her short time in Seattle, Vermillion has ascended with astounding speed to the top of the food-writing heap to become one of the most respected voices in our community. She is a fierce reporter, a hilarious, razor-sharp writer, and a colossal food nerd. From the moment I knew I was moving on I hoped that she would take over for me here. I trust her completely to continue the work that Chris Werner and I have done to create and shape Nosh Pit over the past few years. Nosh Pit is our baby, and with Werner and Vermillion both taking care of it, I know the baby will thrive.

Vermillion’s new gig begins in the last week of October. Please join me in congratulating her!

PS: Eater Seattle needs an editor.

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