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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

A serious journalist on Serious Pie, dissing decaf, and Brian Canlis’s hamburger dreams. These were our favorite food tweets this week.

By Jessica Voelker September 2, 2011

That totally blew: Hurricane Irene from space.

Photo: Space.com

Good Friday, everyone.

It’s sunny out, and there’s a long weekend ahead that we don’t have to spend worrying that East Coast loved ones will suffer something horrific related to a hurricane.

So there’s that!

Also, it must be said, this was a funny week on Twitter. It was frankly difficult to pick out our five favorites this time around.

So thanks for keeping us laughing. Here are the top food tweets this week.

At number five (with thanks to Eater Seattle) is beltway wunderkind Ezra Klein, who recently stopped through town and sampled some of our pizza.

Funny filmmakers the Perron Brothers observed the following about decaf coffee, which earned them the number four place this week.

Coming in at three: Seattle’s own Brian Canlis. Something tells us he could make that dream come true if he really wanted to.

The second place tweeter this week is native son and unrepentant weirdo Rainn Wilson. Sounds delicious.

And the number one tweet of the week? That goes to comedian Pat Healy. Because those parking lots really are terrible, and because gumption is such a great word.

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