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Culinary Clips: MistralKitchen’s Taylor Thornhill Cuts Up a Lamb

Warning to the squeamish: This is a video of a lamb being butchered. You might not like that.

By Abby Tracy September 16, 2011

Our videographer Abby Tracy went to MistralKitchen a few weeks ago, where chef de cuisine Taylor Thornhill showed her how he breaks down a whole lamb to create dishes like its clay oven-roasted lamb loin with eggplant, Puy lentils, turnip, and cipollini onions and tenderloin with carrot puree, lentils, turnip, and arugula. When he planned his restaurant, William Belickis envisioned an eatery where diners would see entire animals delivered via the front door along with vegetables and whatnot; he wanted them to experience the connection between the ingredients and what ended up on their plate.

Check it out. Unless watching animals butchered bothers you. In which case, you should probably watch something else.-JV

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