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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

Grating RTs, meal replacements at the food store, and remembering a time when even yuppies drank crap coffee. These were the top food tweets of the week.

By Jessica Voelker August 5, 2011

Exactly how are those cupcakes going to create jobs, Mr. President?

So it was President Obama’s birthday this week, and to celebrate the White House hosted a dinner with lots of celebs and politicians.

And in case you were wondering whether or not this birthday party created jobs, Fox News got the scoop on that.

It gets better. The headline you see there is a scrub. The original headline was "Obama Parties With Chris Rock, Jay-Z and Whoopi While Rome Burns."

Um, yeah. So now, it will always be the week that that happened. We don’t blame you for wanting to forget that it did.

In that regard, perhaps the top food tweets of the week can be of service.

Okay, the number five tweet is technically from last week, but it was our favorite of the lamentations surrounding the closing of El Bulli, so we’re stretching the rules a bit. It arrives by way of Seattle’s own Henry Lo.

At four this week, a snarky pun on the word "grating" from Sara Ivry.

Number three goes to famed pastry chef and food writer David Lebovitz.

At two: A cool observation from food writer Oliver Strand. America may still be bad at maintaining marriages, but coffeewise things have improved a lot since 1979.

And the winning tweet this week? That prize goes to LA Weekly food critic Jonathan Gold.

Enjoy those Blue Angels, Seattle. And don’t forget to tweet what you eat.

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