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By Jessica Voelker August 31, 2011

Marionberries are delicious. Marion Barry was mayor of the District of Columbia.

Photo: What’s Cooking America?

I know, I know. You’re here for life. No place in the world is better for you than Seattle. You’re never leaving.

But let’s invoke the desert island game for a second. If you had to leave town to live on a remote piece of sea-surrounded land many miles from here, what three local foods would you take with you?

The reason I ask is, I think that the answers to this question also tell us a lot about which local consumables we care about the most. For instance, my three—I’ve given this some thought—would be Kushi oysters, marionberries, and Seastack cheese from Mt. Townsend Creamery. Even if there are oysters on the desert island, there are no way they are as good as oysters here. The oysters here are the best in the world. Ditto on the berries, in my humble opinion.

And as for Seastack…I just really like Seastack.

So, would love to know: What are yours? Keep in mind we’re talking foods, not restaurant dishes. That would be a whole other conversation.

PS: Quick story about marionberries. When I first moved here from Washington, DC, I went to Irwin’s in Wallingford and saw marionberry scones in the display case. And I promise you I thought that the bakery had named the scones as some sort of hippie political riff on disgraced, but still quite popular, DC mayor Marion Barry of "bitch set me up" fame. That happened.

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