Two More Potbelly Sandwich Shops Coming to Seattle Area

New venues for toasty sandwiches are on the way.

By Jessica Voelker July 6, 2011

Potbelly’s second location Downtown will open in mid to late fall, confirms a company rep.

As Eater Seattle’s Allecia Vermillion reported, Potbelly, the Chicago-based chain that opened its first Seattle sandwich shop a month ago, is expanding its local reach with a Bellevue Towers location due to open later this summer.

And a company rep confirmed this morning that a third shop was on its way. Just a few blocks from Potbelly’s location at Fourth and Pike Downtown, the new branch is at 1111 3rd Avenue, near the corner of Third and Spring.

If you haven’t yet visited Potbelly, you may not know that it lists the calorie content of all its food and shakes. The sandwiches mostly hover around 500 or 600 calories thanks to reasonable portion size. But there is an ice cream sandwich that has more than 1,000, which is a fun fact that I like to throw out at cocktail parties. Honestly, people never seem to be as tickled by that information as I am. To each his own, I suppose.

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