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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

Brazilians for West Seattle, Harry Potter cocktails, and the best lethal cure for the soundtrack at Starbucks. These are our top food tweets this week.

By Jessica Voelker July 8, 2011

The feeling of going back to work on the fifth of July, as represented by a photograph that might have been pertinent 10 to 15 years ago.

Photo: timeforteaching.com

How is it that every year we forget the hell that is the day after the fourth of July?

Party hangovers mixed with flooded inboxes mixed with news that restaurants we loved were closing: Barrio’s gorgeous Bellevue digs turning into an event space, cutie-pie A Caprice in Ballard calling it quits, etc.

It was almost too much to bear. But at least we had Twitter to turn to.

Here were the top five food tweets we read this week.

5. The number five slot goes to former Seattle Times reporter Marc Ramirez. He’s moved on to Dallas but recently came back to Seattle for a visit—and knew exactly what to do when he got here.

4. In fourth place is Dragos Axinte of Novofogo Cachaca. All he meant by this tweet was that he was going to make lovely cachaca cocktails in West Seattle, but we couldn’t help taking it to another, uh, place.

3. Local booze writer Paul Clarke nabs the number three tweet of the week, because how funny is it that people are still sending press releases about Harry Potter? Dear PR person: New movie or not, the Harry Potter owl has most certainly flown. Ditto dry ice.

2. Stephen Falk, a writer on the show Weeds, comes in second—we know exactly how he feels.

1. And now for the winner. Josh Malina (Will from The West Wing) made us LOL all over the office with this tweet. The building manager has promised to send someone to clean up the mess.

Happy weekend!

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