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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

Vodka-spiked biblical quotes, man purses stuffed with tacos, and loving the wine you’re with: These were our favorite food tweets this week.

By Jessica Voelker July 29, 2011

We have never pretended to be able to resist a good man purse joke.

Photo: The Hangover

So last week we had to skip the top food tweets, because somebody was on vacation (lazy).

This week, however, they’re back. And while we won’t say "and better than ever," we do hope you’ll find them amusing.

Without further ado, the top food tweets this week.

We begin with our fifth favorite tweet this week. A little explanation: If you are a dork like us, and you aren’t following NPR host John Moe on Twitter, you’re missing out. Because Moe uses the Twitter hashtag to create these weird word games and they are often very funny.

Anyway, one of his recent hashtag projects was replacing the nouns in bumper stickers with the words "Eric Roberts."

Bill Connell, you won that game.

For his wise, wise words, John Fugelsang comes in at number four.

At three: Eater Seattle’s own Allecia Vermillion makes our list for a second time, an honor she shares with just one other Tweeter, the Surly Gourmand.

The number two spot goes to Sorority Girl Problems because her tweets are totally cute. (But, like, have you noticed all of her cardigans come from the J.Crew outlet? Maybe we should have an intervention or something.)

Oh hey, speaking of John Moe: he was our number one tweeter this week. Why? Because if his 10-year-old kid is into man purses—particularly man purses stuffed with tacos—then there is no doubt in our minds that Moe raised that kid right.

May you have a tasty, hilarious weekend. And may you tweet about it with reckless abandon.

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