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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

This week: The tastiest way to destroy the inside of your mouth, Tom Colicchio scores with a retweet, and the discovery of milk.

By Jessica Voelker July 1, 2011

Sour Patch Kids: Deliciously corrosive.

Photo: Village-Candy.Biz

We could barely stop rereading the insane story about the Seattle Police Department bust of a ring of thieves on Capitol Hill long enough to award the top tweets this week. They stole meat! And Taster’s Choice! It’s so crazy.

But once we did turn our eyes to Twitter we noticed that there was a lot of funny stuff out there this time. Well played, tweeting food folk. Thanks for keeping us laughing.

Right, then. Let’s get this party started.

At number five, this tweet from Rob Delaney.


You can’t argue with this observation from Shawn Ries. For that, we award him our number four spot this week.


Food people are forever engaging in hyperbole, as Locavoorhoor cleverly parodies in our third favorite tweet. (Then again, maybe she’s serious? Eh, either way.)


What makes the number two tweet great is that Tom Colicchio retweeted it! You gotta love The Colicch and his smirky ways.

And the number one tweet this week goes to comedian Damian Fahey because it’s true and it made milk come squirting out of our noses.


Happy Fourth of July everybody!

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