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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

Things you monger, a depressing lunch order, and a mother dog, quoted. These were the tastiest tweets this week.

By Jessica Voelker July 15, 2011

This ewe loves a good pun.

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Here in Foodland, we’ll always remember this week as the one when Hanna Raskin demolished that Mercer Island deli.

Folks, it was a bloodbath. A kugel was "reminiscent of eating a packaged fruitcake without first removing it from the cardboard box." The pastrami, wrote Raskin, "is leathery, and its only discernible flavor is that of defeat."

Yikes. That’s the stuff of restaurateur nightmares right there.

Anyway, on with the tweets of the week.

5. John Eddy sneaks into the top five this week with a joke so bad it’s good. Plus, we’re suckers for triphthongs.

4. Ted Travelstead is on Twitter! Here’s a taste:

3. At number three: Good question, Erin Boudreau. Cheese comes to mind.

2. Surly Gourmand, you are back in the top five this week. Toasty!

1. And the number one tweet this week? That prize goes to Alex Baze, Weekend Update writer for SNL.

Happy weekend everybody! Keep tweeting funny stuff about food.

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