Opening Alert: Zaw Will Join the Pizza Party on Stone Way N

The you-bake pizza chain will bring more pepperoni to the good people of Wallingford and Fremont.

By Jessica Voelker July 27, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Pizza from Zaw, coming soon to Stone Way N.

Photo: Zaw

Update 3: Bill the Butcher owner J’Amy Owens says the store should open within 60 days.

Update 2: Bill the Butcher is indeed still planning to open alongside Zaw at 4612 Stone Way N, says BtB marketing director Alan Brown. “Opening date is undetermined at this time.”

Update: There is evidence that controversy-marred Bill the Butcher has/had plans to open up alongside Zaw in the former 7-Eleven space. There’s a call in with the company to learn what’s up.

Zaw, the one that sells the prepared pizzas that you bake at home, is opening a new location, an employee confirmed on Tuesday.

The newest Zaw will be housed at 4612 Stone Way N, formerly home to a 7-Eleven, not far from Pagliacci (at 4003 Stone Way N), and Tuttta Bella (at 4411).

Nosh Pit has a call in with one of the owners—will update with a projected opening date as soon as we hear back.

Zaw currently has five locations around Seattle. The pizzas feature organic, local ingredients and are delivered via bicycle. Local beer and wines are available in the shops.

Further reading: Thoughts on Zaw versus fellow healthy-pizza provider Pizza Pi.

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