Lucky 8: Chinese Delivery Coming to South Capitol Hill

Owner Bracey Rogers reveals plans for his dine-in and to-go operation, set to open at 14th and Union this Fall.

By Jessica Voelker June 14, 2011

General Tso’s and Kung Pao chicken: coming to Capitol Hill doorsteps this fall.


When Bracey Rogers and his wife Marcy Akiyama started asking friends what sort of restaurant they’d like to see on Capitol Hill, they heard the same answer over and over: Chinese delivery. It made sense to them.

"I’m too lazy sometimes to get over to the great restaurants in the ID," said Rogers. "There’s not much of this type of food on the Hill."

And so, they are bringing it. Between now and October—the target opening month—they’ll be converting the 1,400 square-foot space next to Oola Distillery (across the street from Skillet Diner at 14th and Union) into a 25-seat restaurant with a five-person bar and a to-go operation that includes both takeout and delivery. Rogers said Lucky 8’s delivery operation will "start pretty small," possibly expanding to serve a wider area as the restaurant matures. He plans to do bicycle deliveries, and would like to buy some used parking attendant vehicles and paint them bright colors. The logistics of the latter have not been fully explored.

The to-go menu will focus on what Rogers called "Americanized Chinese food": General Tso’s, Kung Pao Chicken. But dine-in guests will have access to a second menu featuring more "authentic" Chinese dishes, according to Rogers. A local chef has signed on, but is not ready to have his name attached to the project because he is currently employed elsewhere. (I’m pretty curious, you?)

Lucky 8 will serve dinner seven nights a week and lunch on weekdays. Happy hour? "I’m sure we will have one," said Rogers. And while he and his wife would love to collaborate on a cocktail menu with Oola owner Kirby Kallas-Lewis, who is leasing the space to the couple, they’ve yet to discuss the details. Kallas-Lewis seems game. In an email to me last week he wrote: "I hope to work closely with them in the cocktail portion of things—specialty drinks, etc."

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