Cheese Festival’s 2011 Grilled Cheese Winner Announced

Bonus: a super creepy picture.

By Jessica Voelker May 11, 2011

“When I’m finished with this grilled cheese I plan to eat your young.”

From this morning’s press release pile: Jason Ramos, creator of the Fromage Blanc sandwich, has won this year’s grilled cheese contest with a recipe that includes three cheeses, leeks, and a lot of brand names.

The Seattle Cheese Festival takes place May 14 and 15 at Pike Place Market and is free.

Here’s the winning recipe, copied verbatim from a press release. (I’m totally getting a Pulitzer for this one.)

Fromage Blanc Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Serves 1
1 Tbsp. Mt. Townsend’s fromage blanc
1 ½ oz Grande Fresh Mozzarella
1 oz Sliced Emmi Gruyere
1 Tbsp. sauteed leeks
2 Slices Macrina batard
Unsalted butter

For the leeks:
Slice one leek thinly and saute it over medium-high heat with one ounce of butter. Add a bit of salt. Saute until slightly browned. Set aside.
On medium heat, heat your pan (or griddle). Assemble the sandwich: bread-mozzarella–fromage blanc–gruyere-leeks-bread. Rub a stick of butter on the pan and place the sandwich down—swirling it around to get all the butter on the bread. Flip and repeat with the butter/swirl technique. Now that both sides are buttered, brown evenly and slowly on each side. Flipping repeatedly. Don’t rush it. Your patience will be rewarded…

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