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Local Blogger Dons a Peeps Bikini for Charity

If you can’t eat them, wear them.

By Jessica Voelker April 21, 2011

Behold the Peeps bikini.

Photo by Jackie Baisa, see more at

Oh Lady Gaga, what have you wrought?

In the photo you see here is of one of Seattle’s most authentically eccentric food people, Linda Nicholson. She blogs at Salty Seattle, a site dedicated to her strange yet seriously impressive experiments with molecular gastronomy. Think of Nicholson as the Timothy Leary of Seattle food bloggers.

But she’s also really into fashion, which kind of explains how she came to wear a Peeps bikini. Kind of. This explains it better: Her Easter look is for Nudie Foodies, a group of food bloggers that are raising money for Japanese communities suffering from the after-effects of the tsunami. Basically, they’re all taking off their clothes for Japan.

The Nudies are putting together a book of photos and recipes that you will be able to purchase at some future date (check the website for details), and Nicholson hopes to auction off this very bikini to raise money as well.

Meantime, happy Easter.

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