The new Pick-Quick in Auburn: Not your daddy’s burger joint.

Cheating alert: Pick-Quick Drive-In in Fife isn’t actually within the geographical boundaries of our restaurant coverage.

Yet, dear readers…we make exceptions for icons.

The joint opened in Fife in 1949, peddling burgers and fries to happy travelers along the Seattle-to-Portland route. Over the years the place changed hands, but never its clientele. You could tell them by their giddy smiles and the relish dribbling down their chins.

In 2008 the drive-in was acquired in part by Gerard Centioli, the guy responsible for bringing Krispy Kreme to town (and, btw, the brother of Dorene Centioli McTigue, co-founder of another quick-food legend, Pagliacci Pizza).

Under Centioli’s watch Pick-Quick ran away with USA Today’s Best Burger in the State award last year, burnishing its local profile and handing its new owners ample justification for expansion.

Hence Auburn. Where it opens tomorrow morning at 10am. With 28 indoor seats, a drive-through window, and outdoor picnic tables. At 1132 Auburn Way North.

Note the environmentally correct bells and whistles: Western Washington grass-fed antibiotic- and hormone-free beef. Snoqualmie Gourmet ice cream shakes. Washington state potatoes for the fries. A LEED-certified building, featuring chairs made of recycled Coke bottles, outdoor rainwater collection, and parking spaces reserved exclusively for hybrid cars.

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