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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

Pancake Tuesday, the decline of art, inexplicable meatball texture…it was a tasty week on Twitter.

By Jessica Voelker March 4, 2011

Todd Barry, contemplating the meatballs.

Photo courtesy Delawareonline.com

In this new series, we bring you our five favorite food tweets of the week.


5. For sheer newsiness, restaurant critic Jason Sheehan’s (@jason_sheenan) tweet announcing that he will be leaving the Seattle Weekly comes in at number 5.

And from the worst cereal to 1 of the hardest blog posts I’ve written in a year—my farewell to Seattle

4. This observation, from local musician/writer John Roderick (@johnroderick), is what comedians call a "thinker."

Artwork was always about religion. Then it morphed into pictures of people and food. Then pictures of pictures. Now it’s just food.

3. With this tweet, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Stacy Finz (@sfinz) confirms something we’ve suspected a long time.

Spending more time these days interviewing rock stars than food stars. Oddly enough the rock stars have less ego.

2. On Wednesday, March 2, Northwest Food Blogger Beth Sheresh (@kitchenmage) asked an existential question to which anyone tasked with blogging about food news can relate.

Ok, so if next week is pancake Tuesday, what the hell was yesterday?

1. And our number one tweet this week comes all the way from New York City, hometown of comedian Todd Barry (@toddbarry).

Read restaurant review that mentioned ‘inexplicably tough veal meatballs.’ Going to spend rest of day finding an explanation.

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