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Wonton Wednesdays, Extended Hours, and Other Nettletown News

Including a cheap eats afternoon menu.

By Christopher Werner February 22, 2011

Nettletown, offering new hours and new menus February 23.

Changes are afoot over at Nettletown, which opened last year as a lunch/weekend brunch joint, then in July intro-ed Friday and Saturday dinner. Now Nettle is rolling out all-day hours and two more nights of evening eats.

Starting February 23, the Eastlake boite will stay open 11-9:30 Wednesday through Friday and 10-9:30 Saturday. For that couple hours of limbo between lunch and dinner, owner Christina Choi will serve what she calls a “happy afternoon” menu 2:30-5:30. (On Saturday, the menu is available starting at 3.) The offerings will be limited and consist of side-like items for under $10. Meaning “anything that doesn’t require the kitchen to cook” since toques will be prepping for dinner, Choi offered nebulously. Examples she did list include pickles, soups, rices, all of them likely novel and fresh, Choi being a doyenne of forest floor foods.

The chef is also introducing Wonton Wednesdays. On those nights a rotating selection of the dumplings will be on special. Diners can order them in a soup or spicy sauce and should expect fillings such as elk, mushroom, or the more traditional minced pork.

Note Nettletown’s Tuesday and Sunday hours remain the same: 11-2:30 and 10-3, respectively.

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