Does Monster Dogs Put Out America’s Best Hot Dog? Possibly!

Rachael Ray is on it.

By Christopher Werner January 31, 2011

Rachael Ray and Serious Eats dig Monster Dogs. Photo courtesy Monster Dogs.

So Every Day with Rachael Ray and the blog Serious Eats are buddying up to determine America’s best hot dog. You may recall they did this last year, only with pizza. For this year’s quest, three serious eaters from Serious Eats set out for more than 55 cities across the U.S., eventually locating the country’s top 64 franks. That list, first rolled out a couple of days ago and divided by region, has since been narrowed down to 16 contenders. Among them: Seattle’s Monster Dogs.

Monster Dogs, whose motto reads “BECAUSE SIZE DOES MATTER…ours are bigger!”, maintains eight stations throughout the city and is a favorite of Pike/Pine late-night spillover, thanks in part to a generous slather of cream cheese lining the bun.

We’ll know whether that cheesy touch is enough to secure Monster the title of America’s best dog imminently—she of the raspy voice will continue to pare down the contenders throughout the week. Keep tabs on the Rachael Ray site.

Worth noting: Po Dog also received a mention but promptly got booted by Casper’s Famous Hot Dogs of Albany, California.

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