Adding cheddar to a large Mexi-fries packs on 170 calories.

For the past two years, researchers at Duke University and Seattle-King County Public Health have conducted a study to see whether nutritional information on Taco Time menus would influence customer choices.

The study compared 14 Taco Times, seven of which were in King County, where—since 2009—chain restaurants with more than 15 locations are required to publish nutritional info (calories, saturated fat, carbs, and sodium) on their menus. The other seven were outside the county, and did not post nutritional info.

The results, according to the Seattle PI:
The study found no statistically significant difference in ‘food-purchasing behavior’ before and after the law took effect. For both the King County and non-county groups, the passage of the law had no effect on the total number of sales and average number of calories per transaction.

One possible explanation from the Duke U People: Taco Time already identified which menu items were healthy before the law went into effect.

Another explanation from me: You don’t go to Taco Time when you’re counting calories, you go when you’re stoned.

Read the PI’s full article on the Taco Time study.

Does anyone else have a sudden craving for cheesy tots?

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