Where to Go for Comfort Food

The perma-gray is settling. Let’s eat.

By Christopher Werner October 26, 2010

The roast chicken at Cafe Presse: a Seattle comfort food classic.

“Comfort food is Seattle’s unheralded regional cuisine. Its natural habitat is Irish pubs and barbecue joints, breakfast spots and soul food restaurants, burger bars and country cafes. But comfort food has also spent the last decade ascending the sophistication ladder, showing up as the token down-market wallow on nearly every cutting-edge menu.”

So reads the intro to the comfort food feature we ran in 2006.

Fast forward four years and—credit the economy and its concurrent sweep of back-to-basics—Seattle’s even more besotted with the down-home stuff. Roast chicken, fried chicken, meatloaf, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pudding, pork chop—people are getting piggy with it.

And as we’ve been mercilessly reminded the past few days, fall is the undisputed time for comfort fooding. That’s why we’ve mapped out the restaurants where we like to get comfy. Peruse the menus and you’ll find a couple, if not more, items guaranteed to warm the dreariest of days.

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