Michael Hebb’s Dinner Party Challenge

Gather your friends, eat, and talk about eating together.

By Jessica Voelker October 12, 2010

Get together, right now. Over food.

Another note from Tedx Rainier: This one pertains to a talk by Michael Hebb, the guy behind One Pot and the Night School series at the Sorrento Hotel. (People are always calling Michael Hebb a "food provocateur"—a term that, to me, sounds at once pretentious and euphemistic. He has original ideas and he has made some people very angry, is the point.)

At Tedx, Hebb spoke about the dying art of communal dining. It’s while eating together that we hatch our best and most important ideas together, he posited. The full transcript of the nine-minute talk is here. You can view the very compelling slideshow that accompanied said talk here.

And here is why I am writing this: At the end of the talk, Michael Hebb asked the audience to open an envelope he had passed through the rows. Inside was an invitation. The invitation challenged people, as Hebb put it, "to gather a group in the next week and eat together…and enter into a talk with that group…about the importance of eating together."

This seems like a worthy challenge to me, so I’m forwarding it to you. All you have to do is invite some people over within the next seven days, eat, and talk about the significance of what you are up to. If you want to tell Michael Hebb about the experience, jot a note on One Pot’s Facebook page. He’d like to know how it went and what you ate.

Happy eating (and talking about eating).

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