Ballard Bee Company’s Corky Luster tends to his “girls.” Photo courtesy

Corky Luster, the man behind Ballard Bee Company, is gearing up for his busiest season of the year: “Fall is the time when all your efforts pay off (or not).” Soon he’ll be extracting honey from 60 hives he’s planted throughout the city—on local farms and in backyards, at Dish D’lish, the rooftop garden of Bastille —some of which he’ll then sell at retail outlets.

You can find the unfiltered end product at Delaurenti, Picnic, and a handful of other shops.

Vita, Stumptown, or Starbucks? Stumptown.

Favorite way to burn calories: Walking with my sweetheart and my dog on Fir Island.

Where do you take out-of-town guests to eat? Boat Street Café, Delancey, Kingfish Café.

Do you use recipes or wing it? Wing it, definitely. If I’m baking (which is rare), I will use the recipe, but otherwise I just glance at a recipe to get the general idea, then off I go.

What’s your guilty pleasure food? Okay, I am bad (there’s the guilt). Doughnuts. I can eat them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Matter of fact, I might have one right now…

Are you or have you ever been a vegan? Yes, been there, done that. Moving to Italy brought me to my senses. (What was I thinking? How could I deny myself prosciutto?)

Dessert or appetizer? Hello… doughnuts.

Three restaurants that sum up Seattle: This is really difficult. There are so many great restaurants in the city and my neighborhood. But, to sum up: Canlis, Sun Ya (dim sum), and Skillet.

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