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Seven More Familiar Four-Wheelers Join Food Network Competition

Meanwhile: Marination Mobile sits pretty in fifth place.

By Christopher Werner August 30, 2010

Marination Mobile represents in Food Network’s food truck competition.

Looks like Marination Mobile isn’t the only familiar four-wheeler competing for the crown of America’s best food truck.

Another seven local sidewalk gourmands—El Camion, Hallava Falafel, Maximus Minimus, the Molly Moon ice cream wagon, Buns, Here and There, and Skillet (read more about them on our food truck finder) —are trying to edge out mobile kitchens from across the country to be named top dog by Food Network, a distinction that comes with $10,000 and the chance to compete on the channel’s Great Food Truck Race.

Last time we checked in, Marination was holding steady in fifth place. If you’d like to see another Seattleite in the top 10, get clicking.

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