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Seattle Stiffed by Food Network’s America’s Best

Say whaa?

By Christopher Werner August 25, 2010

Seattle fails to make the cut for Food Network’s America’s Best. Boo.

On Tuesday the Food Network released its lineup of upcoming shows, among them America’s Best. The four-episode special finds one Alton Brown scouring the nation for top takers in several categories: comfort food, sweets, classic regional dishes, and dining destinations.

Ten finalists have been already announced in each group (winners will be chosen during the broadcast, beginning September 20), but bogusly absent is Seattle. Now, pardon the affront, but isn’t Seattle a natch for these type of things? Just look at the flurry of national nods to hit this city in recent months.

P-Town’s Slappy Cakes makes an appearance as one of the top 10 destinations, but otherwise that’s the closest Brown gets to showing the Northwest any love.

Surely you, too, think this bunk. Which Seattle restaurants would you put on the list?

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