Starbucks Serves Up Free Wi-Fi

We don’t know what took them so long, but we’re happy it’s here.

By Mary Pritchard July 1, 2010

If you’re not too miffed about the whole frappuccino switcheroo, this should come as a welcome development.

It’s finally happening. Twenty-some years after its inception, Starbucks has swallowed its pride, bit the bullet, and started offering free wireless Internet.

Beginning today, July 1, anyone clutching a double tall nonfat hazelnut latte (okay, or whatever your favorite drink of choice is) can while away his or her day in cyberspace in the comfort of their neighborhood Starbucks. For free. Without registering. And with no time limits.

Following in the footsteps of nearly every independent, local coffee shop that has been offering starving artists and caffeine-addicts a no-charge portal to the web for years now, all we can say is: It’s about time!

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