Kurt Timmermeister, once owner of now-defunct Cafe Septiembre Septieme (he sold it long before it closed), makes a soft cheese called Dinah’s at his farm/dairy on Vashon Island. If you haven’t tried it, you should. He doesn’t make all that much, but as of yesterday there were a few rounds left at Madison Market, and Whole Foods and Metropolitan both carry it.

Dinah’s is a silky Camembert-style cheese. Everyone knows Camembert is hard to make, but Timmermeister taught himself using books. Some people can just do stuff like that. It’s bright, it’s creamy, it has this extraordinary center…Like I said, you should taste it.

To keep himself in operation, Timmermeister has to charge about twice as much for his cheese (it costs about $16) as producers of French Camembert do, even though the French stuff has to cross an ocean to get here. That’s puzzling, but then the world is a mixed-up place. We’re not likely to explain it all in one quick Friday afternoon blog post, are we?

Anyway, I’ll be writing more about this lovely Vashon venture in days to come, but I wanted to put out the word to you that someday soon you’ll be seeing a hard grana-like cheese from Kurtwood Dairy called Francesca’s.

More on all this later, just wanted to give you some happy cheese thoughts to help you through the rest of the afternoon.

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