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Best Wine Bar in the Country Is Right Here in Seattle

Food’s pretty good, too.

By Kathryn Robinson May 4, 2010

Those heavy wooden doors

So harmonic convergence time: The Local Vine has picked up top honors from Luxist readers as Best Wine Bar in the USA.

And the lauded wine bar’s high-rise apartment building landed on the front page of The Seattle Times today. Riddled with defects, the whole building will be razed next month. Which makes TLV one of the many tenants forced to move. (This, after being wrapped in scaffolding for months. Sheesh.) This it will do, by fall, to a spot (formerly held by the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t joint Pizza Fusion, which lasted four months) in the Pike-Pine Triangle of Capitol Hill.

Here’s some of what Luxist said about TLV: “Founded in 2007 by Harvard Business School graduates Allison Nelson and Sarah Munson, The Local Vine boasts both an air of sleek sophistication and a refreshing accessibility. Free wireless internet, down-to-earth advice on wine, and a casual atmosphere complete with a fully functional fireplace make it more like a coffee house than a strict wine bar.”

It goes on to discuss TLV’s auspicious bottle selection, its monthly wine clubs, its shipping program, even its heavy wooden doors. But no mention of its food! So I guess we’ll have to tell you: Duck fat frites. White truffled popcorn. French cut lamb lollipops. Fried goat cheese. Plenty of charcuterie. Higher ambitions than you might expect from a wine bar—without a whiff of pretension.

In short: the food at TLV has always been better than it had to be, with fresh and local and very intentional preparations thoughtfully conceived to go with the wine. And created by none other than chef Jason Wilson of Crush, who, in the final harmonic convergence of the day, also finds himself in the news this morning.

The young buck picked up a James Beard Award for best chef in the Northwest.

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