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The Sociology of Foodies

Two Toronto sociologists tackle the wide world of the food obsessed.

By Jessica Voelker April 30, 2010

Jane and Michael Stern: unabashed uberfoodies.

Foodie. I know, I know, you hate that word. But before you continue insisting that people not call you a "foodie," maybe you should first determine whether or not you are one.

Ask yourself: am I willing to eat offal but most unwilling to step foot in any chain restaurant? Would I travel to great lengths to eat at a hygienically challenged dump just because I was told it was the best place in town to get a hot dog? Am I charmed by haute takes on classic junk foods like twinkies and spam burgers?

If you answered yes, say two U of Toronto sociologists interviewed in the Globe and Mail, you might be a foodie. They’ve written a book on this and based on the title—Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape—they’re taking the subject pretty seriously.

Now, does anyone know a hole in the wall where I can find some offal mac-n-cheese?

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