Would You Double Down at KFC?

If so, it’s probably best to do so within proximity of a defibrillator.

By Jessica Voelker April 6, 2010

There are no words.

It’s a funny moment in history. Fast-food restaurants, who just yesterday, it seemed, were touting the dubious nutritional assets of the near-foods that graced their menus, are now introducing products so shockingly unhealthy, they create a viral buzz that in turn draws customers to their restaurants.

Case in point: The Double Down "sandwich," soon to be introduced at KFC, is two boneless chicken fillets (fried or grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey jack and pepper jack cheese, and something called "Colonel’s Sauce." Ahem.

So…the chicken fillets are the bun. And it’s all over the internet. And if you want to see it for yourself, well, there are 10 KFCs in the Seattle area.

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