The Queen Anne Farmers Market is set to open May 20. If you eager eaters can’t wait until then for a taste of what’s to come this season, treat yourself to the neighborhood market’s benefit dinner Sunday. While you’re there, say hello to Julie Whitehorn, who stepped away from party planning to tell us about the foods that make her swoon.

What is your favorite ingredient of the moment?
We try to eat foods in season, and right now I’m having fun with cabbages of all kinds: green, red, Napa, Savoy. Cabbage is terrific in soups, salads, stir fries, or in a kid-friendly bacon potato dish called Bubble and Squeak.

What is your favorite cookbook?
I have too many favorites, but my dog-eared copy of In Season by Greg Atkinson has a special place in my heart. It was my first Pacific Northwest cookbook, and I’ve long admired Greg’s writing and unpretentious approach to food.

What is your favorite coffee and coffee venue?
My favorite coffee is whatever my husband brews and our daughter delivers (in the prettiest cup she can find). Next to that, a Cuban con leche from El Diablo, or a scalp-tingling Herkimer double shot from Muse. Queen Anne is thick with indie coffee shops. Walking the dog is always an exercise in restraint.

When you have out-of-town guests, what restaurant do you take them to?
We have great options within walking distance: How to Cook a Wolf is consistently fabulous, and now we have Emmer and Rye, where the chairs are ugly but the food is divine. Seth Caswell is a rock star.

Where is your go-to place for cheap eats?
Let me get on my soapbox for a minute and say there is no such thing as cheap food—we always pay sooner or later. Food that doesn’t ding our health or the planet will always be the best value. That said, I love great street food and not paying for table service. Marination Mobile ’s kimchee fried rice is heaven with an egg on top.

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