What a tease.

Last week I stepped into Claudio Corallo ’s South Lake Union storefront, whereupon Marie-Françoise Barnhart, the chocolatier’s “chief chocoholic,” whipped up a cupful of what is hands down the best sorbet. Ever.

One scoop just wasn’t enough—I wanted more for right then and there and some cartons to take home, too. Alas, no dice: Claudio is in the process of outfitting the retail space to meet health codes, so it can’t sell the sorbet until that is completed. But—but—in the meantime you can stop in for a free taste.

What makes the sorbet so special? It’s prepared with a Pacojet, a high-end puréeing machine that chips off flakes of chocolate, then mixes it with a touch of water. As far as Barnhart knows, no other storefronts in Seattle are preparing sorbet this way.

Barnhart assured us she’ll let us know when the Paco’s reared up for business, so check back for updates. Until then, watch the video below to learn about “pacotizing.” It’s magic.

And in case you happen to have a Pacojet at home and you’re looking for some inspiration:

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