“I’ll have the biggest piece, please. That one right there.”

Photo courtesy yelp.

Snoose Junction ’s aglio e olio pizza is not for the weak of stomach. Blanketed with a more-than-healthy helping of gorgonzola and parmesan, the pie tests the willpower of even the most stalwart cheesehead. It doesn’t matter how dire your formaggio fix, eat several pieces and you live to regret it. So instead have a slice, just one, because the aglio is a fine specimen everyone should sample.

Here’s where things get tricky. First off, no one eats just one piece of pizza. I don’t. No one I know does. Do you? Second, the pie’s perfectly fluffed crust, topped with all that gorgo/parm and then Yukon Gold potatoes, red onions, and fresh tomatoes, is a snack to love—you’re going to want more. Plus you know how it goes with anything involving cheese. It’s like crack. You take a few nibbles, then a couple more. Suddenly the entire brick is gone.

Consider it a challenge, this eating-just-one edict. The pies at Snoose are generous and enough to feed a large party, so bring lots of pals to flag cravings for seconds. Take any leftovers to the office and spread some cheer. Give some to the starved wait staff behind the counter. Do whatever so long as you don’t end up like a dear friend who after an aglio binge left Snoose murmuring about a stomach ache.

The aglio e olio costs $23.95.

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