They eat grass, you eat good beef.

It’s hard to argue with sustainably raised shellfish and grassfed local beef. And so we are liking the 2010 series from Ray’s Boathouse. Each month the restaurant hosts a dinner featuring food grown and raised sustainably in the Northwest. On March 4 from 6-8pm, it’s a five-course meal that includes oysters, scallops, mussels, and clams from Taylor Shellfish, Little Skookum, and Penn Cove.

Cost is $65—drinks, tax, and tip not included. Reservations at 206-789-3770, ext 3.

Meat more your bag? Sign up for a pig and beef extravaganza with humanely raised beasts from Skagit River Ranch in the Skagit Valley. It’s on April 3 and costs $60 sans beverage, but there is a pairing option with wines from Woodinville’s DiStefano Winery: a flight of three wines is $20. Call Ray’s for details.

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