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The restaurants I wish we had

By Kathryn Robinson February 24, 2010

We’re living on The Other Side this week—Bellevue—while getting our floors refinished, and last night suffered a rather Olympian craving for ice cream. Must be all that faux snow on TV.

Now, from our Seattle home we live within melting distance of several glorious independent ice creameries, including Full Tilt, Molly Moon’s, and Scoop du Jour.

But in Bellevue? “Nothing,” my sister pronounced sadly. “Nothing,” her teenage twins echoed. Not a single fine independent ice cream joint.

You reading this Molly? Colonize Bellevue already! (My nephews alone can be counted on to keep you in the black.)

Got me thinking about restaurants we don’t have in Seattle. I know, I know…pretty peevish to complain about anything when you live in the restaurant Nirvana we call home.

But where’s our chic nouveau Indian restaurant, a la Vancouver’s stunning Vij’s? Where’s our Sicilian-style pizza? (Mind you, we got practically every other kind of pizza.)

No full-service Scandinavian restaurant—in Seattle? No Native American-inspired cuisine? What about a proper Jewish deli?

What do you want to see open in Seattle?

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