So it’s a little chilly out. Who cares?! Because it’s clamming time, and we all know that if ever there’s an occasion to whip out the galoshes, it’s this. The Slog is reporting that Wednesday through Saturday conditions are ripe for digging up Washington’s beloved bivalve.

Noshing on those buttery shellfish is certainly worth the wear, but before you start cooking up your clams, take note: preparation is key. As Kevin Davis of Steelhead Diner points out here, razor clams tend to overcook easily, so you’ll want to sauté them quickly. He recommends doing so in butter with fresh mushrooms. And, again, he does it quickly. After all you didn’t trudge around some messy beach, in the dark, to chew on rubbery gumdrops.

If you’d rather warm up with a hearty chowder, check out Davis’s recipe.

Any other preparation tips, Noshers?

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