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Buy this book: Momofuku

David Chang visits Seattle next week, but if you want to eat his food the book is your best bet.

By Jessica Voelker November 5, 2009

Chef David Chang (owner of New York’s Noodle Bar, Ssäm bar, Ko, Milk Bar, and Má Pêche) comes to Seattle next week, but unless you are one of the lucky few who scored seats to the long-sold out Cooks and Books dinner at Spring Hill, you probably won’t be eating his food anytime soon. Apparently it is harder to score a spot at Momofuku Ko than it is for a rich man to get in to heaven. Or some such.

But what you can do is buy a copy of Momofuku, the new book that Chang co-wrote with Peter Meehan, a very talented former New York Times food writer and a dear pal of Dave’s. In it you will encounter myriad F-bombs, along with the fascinating tale of unlikely success that is the Momofuku phenomenon. You will also receive instructions on how to pickle everything. (I heard that’s what they were going to call the book but then Bittman got litigious. Not really.) Chang also delivers the reassuring news that, provided you have good Asian grocery nearby—you do: think Uwajimaya, think H-Mart —you needn’t make your own noodles in order to construct a delicious homemade bowl of ramen. The chef keeps you busy enough preparing the meat and the broth and all.

That’s the Chang charm: he’s never precious. Or, I should say, he’s never f****** precious. Sme Seattleites will feel more comfortable inside the pages of Momofuku than they ever do in NYC, a fun place but one where, lets face it, you sometimes feel like some frizzy-haired hayseed wearing last season’s socks. Or maybe that’s just me. I’m digressing. The point is, you should buy Momofuku. And please purchase it at an independent business (it’s currently in stock for $42 at Elliot Bay Books) with a physical entrance. With the recent bad news about Bailey Coy, it’s never been more important to support our local bookshops (wrote the frizzy-haired lady in the out-of-style socks).

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