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Cheap Date: Zhivago’s Cafe

With all piroshki costing just $4.85, it’s actually hard not to fill up on a budget.

By Nick Feldman November 11, 2009


At the much-anticipated, just-opened Zhivago’s Cafe on Broadway, it’s clear right away service is a priority—the owner took and delivered my order, checked in to see how I liked the food, and on my way out thanked me graciously for visiting. But what really seals the deal at this Russian eatery is the perfect price point: All piroshki cost just $4.85, and a plentiful bowl of borscht soup is a mere $2.99. Here it’s actually hard not to fill up on a budget.

Though the menu is far from lacking—18 varieties of piroshki are listed on the massive chalkboard menu (over half of which are vegetarian; 80 percent of the products are organic)—owner Geno Sabra plans to soon include dinner options, such as kabobs. And while the space is still bare (check the slideshow), he hopes to host a revolving collection of art work.

With a $10 bill, I ordered a flaky, golden beef, cheese, and potato piroshki (thanks for the recommendation, Sabra) and the house made borscht soup, laden with vegetables and a generous dollop of fresh sour cream. Looking back I wish I also ordered a cup of coffee supplied by Kirkland’s Rococo, or a piece of baklava (so hard to find in Seattle!).

What’s the must-try item?
[Sabra] “ Oh God, everything is good. My favorites are the chicken and onion, and the potato, beef, and cheese… We’ll be expanding the menu as we go. We’re just taking it a little at a time and not rushing ourselves so the food stays good.”

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