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The Modern American Chicken Comes to Seattle…

…and we can’t wait to see what Chef Nordo skewers

By Kathryn Robinson August 28, 2009

Those of us who toil alongside the restaurant world know how ripe the whole business is for lampooning.

The arrogant “discoveries” of slow food, farm-to-table dining, sustainability. The pretentious cloak-and-dagger enterprise of “underground dining.” Restaurants that worship at the altar of pristine ingredients, but don’t appear to give a fig—organic and tree-ripened, of course—about basic courtesies like returning a diner’s phone call.

Into this world roars Nordo Lefesczki, founder of the Carnal Food Movement and impresario of the roving experimental restaurant, Cafe Nordo. Now, having read the Carnal Food Movement website, I can’t say I know much more about his ideas than I did before I read it.

But I do know this: Lefesczki periodically takes them on the road, presenting them theatrically via five-course pris-fixe dinners in rented venues.

This October—it’s Seattle’s turn.

Nordo’s team will create a temporary restaurant at Fremont’s Theo Chocolate warehouse, where for 17 evenings he’ll unfurl his unique culinary vision. The menu chronicles the life of a chicken—call her Henrietta—from Country Egg on a Field of Wild Greens with Warm Goat Cheese to Roast Chicken Stuffed with Handmade Sausage and Habenero Cherries.

Servers will be choreographed, dinner scored, and all the food will be—bien sur—local, sustainable, and seasonal.

As for dietary restrictions, Chef Nordo doesn’t much want to hear about ’em. “Certainly you have a shrink who will care,” he says.

Oh, this should be good.

Tickets for dinner plus wine flight are $85 per person; tix are available at

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