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Meet Roz Edison of Marination Mobile.

By Nick Feldman July 28, 2009


Korean cuisine collides with Hawaiian flavors at Marination Mobile, and oh, man, what a match made in heaven.

Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison, the mobile truck’s co-owners, have been on the move for nearly two months. They keep crowds coming (and come they do; expect to wait in line awhile) with tacos, sliders, kimchi, kalbi, and Spam (they claim it’s the “unofficial national food of Hawaii") born of successful marination experimentation.

With a $10 bill, I opted for one Kalbi beef taco, one spicy pork taco, and two Aloha sliders—all $2 each—and washed it down with a Hawaiian Sun Pass-O-Guava for $1.50.

How long have you been truckin’?
[Roz Edison] This is just the beginning of our seventh week.

Where do you post up, and why?
Depending on the day, we might be in SoDo, Belltown, Fremont, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, or Ballard [note: check out OUR MAP for daily locations, and or their twitter feed @curb_cuisine for any changes]. But as for why, first it’s about availability. We’ve learned a lot from Skillet; Josh is the LeBron [James] of street food in Seattle and he has a great model. But really, we just want to go where people want us to be.

Why did you choose the mobile life?
We had no interest in being a stationary taco truck; that model’s already been used. Having a truck that’s actually mobile totally changes things. Everywhere we go there’s a different vibe with different opportunities, and keeping things fresh is one of the best parts of street food. You don’t get into street food to make a million bucks. Logistically it’s 1,000 times easier to stay in one spot, but we’re willing to go that extra mile—literally and figuratively.

What’s the must try item?
You should try a musubi [grilled Spam and rice wrapped in seaweed]. That’s one of those things that we don’t always have, but it pops up everyone once in a while. Otherwise, definitely have an Aloha Slider.

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