YOU VOTED TO help us name the best burger in Seattle. We tallied hundreds of votes, and the top honor goes to… ZIPPY’S GIANT BURGERS! Forget the obscure Highland Park location, Zippy’s keeps readers coming with the Zip Burger, a griddle-burnt patty topped with bacon, American cheese, and secret sauce.

The runner-up is the titular attraction at Burgermaster, with Red Mill ’s Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese, then the Hawaiian Burger from Teddy’s Bigger Burgers trailing closely behind.

The strongest write-in candidate is—no surprise here— Lunchbox Laboratory. Voters dismayed by Lab’s absence on our picks for the top 13 proclaimed the joint as crafting “burgers of the gods” and the “Best frickin’ burgers in Seattle, no question. After her first visit to Lunchbox my wife impishly admitted, ‘I feel like I need to go to confession.’" King’s Hardware also received a considerable number of write-in votes.

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