Pretty damn grimy, apparently

The line was 20-plus minutes last Friday for lunch at the most highly regarded dim sum joint in town, Jade Garden —and that’s a slow day.

Why is the place so popular? Best selection, lowest prices, and one heck of a fine shrimp dumpling. Fifty kinds of dim sum weekdays; 70 on weekends.

But…ACK! The carpet! Hundred-year filth appeared to have soaked the thing clear through; a distinct possibility given the fish and crab tanks up front, and the “Wet Floor” sign alongside them. One too many overflows?

An unfortunate dim sum cart crash? Perhaps they run the Dim Sum 500 in here after-hours?

Maybe a patron actually ate as much dim sum as he could afford (not easy to do, even in this economy) and, well…exploded?

Whatever the cause, Jade Garden is probably the skankiest restaurant everyone is dying to get into. This critic has to say it: I’ll eat anything, anywhere. But the grime here put a distinct damper on my appetite.

Great shrimp dumplings or no.

What say y’all?

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