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Restaurants You Can Boat To

Kayaks and speedboats and yachts, oh my

By Kathryn Robinson April 7, 2009

No doubt inspired by this precocious shot of summer, a reader wanted to know which local restaurants he might approach by sea. I consulted my inner database and came up with these:

Agua Verde Cafe, the Baja beachhouse on Portage Bay with the killer yam-chili-cojita tacos, sits atop a kayak-rental operation, so the dockhands are adept at tying up craft from canoes to ski boats.

You can bring your yacht to any of the three Anthony’s Restaurants (Kirkland, Edmonds, and Seattle’s waterfront) that offer nearby public moorage, or any of the three Bluwater Bistros—one in Kirkland, one in Leschi, and one on Lake Union —for terrific seafood and pretty good crowdpleasing fare, respectively.

(Or steam over to Chinook’s at Fisherman’s Terminal for fish ‘n’ chips or a cold one, and free public moorage for nearly any craft.)

At the venerable Daniel’s Broiler in Leschi, you can motor or sail up to the public moorage just south of the restaurant and the restaurant will carry your steak dinner out to your boat. Across the lake at Beach Cafe at the Point, it’s first-come, first-served alongside the dock, then a two-hour window for eating and drinking.

If you feel like sailing into the sunset, you might as well head for Bainbridge. At Harbour Public House just look for the big umbrella on the Seattle side of the dock in front—that’s the guest moorage. Then order a burger.

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