So I was riding the bus home from a restaurant review in West Seattle the other night—someone quick praise me for Saving The Earth in this fashion, because it was a total pain, involving three buses, two of which I had to run after, one of which I missed, all of which on this frigid March night I deeply resented—and there out the window in the Luna Park neighborhood was a restaurant I hadn’t seen before. Cafe Revo.

So wasn’t I surprised when the next day my colleague Mary, an inveterate West Seattleite, mentioned having had a great meal there. Turns out this is only its 8th week of business, which explains why nobody is talking about it yet. She bets that’ll change soon.

Apparently there is old Northern Italian family background behind the restaurant, which explains what Mary declared was a stunning puttanesca, full of sausage and prawns. “I would definitely rate it among the best puttanesca I’ve had…not overwhelmed by the the capers and olives.”

And for dessert? “Despite our best intentions we ordered an adorable creme brulee taster: tiny little 3-bite dishes each of traditional vanilla bean, raspberry, and coffee bean. But it was the Tiramisu that stole the show.”

I will visit soon. I will drive my car there.

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