Starbucks takes such good care of us!!

There’s only one adjective they don’t like.

By Kathryn Robinson December 9, 2008

The Tablehopper loves her some Starbucks mochas, no question about that. (Best large-chain mochas in town, in her not-very-humble opinion.) But lately she’s been frustrated in her efforts to save the earth whilst drinking them.

"No sleeve please!" she’ll chirp to the counter person…who then looks up unhappily, caffeinated smile stricken from her face, and says, "But the Venti size always comes with a sleeve! So…you want a double cup?" Nope, The Tablehopper assures. Tough hands. Just the drink and the cup, please. Save the sleeve, save the earth. Sleeveless in Seattle. That’s The Tablehopper.

And then The Tablehopper checks her stopwatch and awaits the barista’s inevitable, "UH TEAM? REMEMBER TO SLEEVE THOSE VENTIS!"

"But she didn’t WANT a sleeve!" shouts the Starbucks Partner—dare I say a tad defensively?—and at that all eyes swivel to the contrarian customer with the leathery hands who seeks to face down two thousand years of Starbucks tradition.

"But I don’t…need one," The Tablehopper stammers, suddenly and uncharacteristically shamed.

"Oh, but we’re supposed to sleeve the ventis," the hearty barista replies, pointing. "And there’s the recycle bin."

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